Midwest Chapter 2017

Date Track Regional Points Races
 May 5-7  Mid Ohio 2 Sprints
May 19-21 Gateway 2 Sprints
 June 3-4  Hastings 2 Sprints
July 7-9 Putnam Park 2 Sprints
 July 29-30  Brainerd 2 Sprints
 Sept 2-4  Road America 2 Sprints
October 21-23 Pitt IRC 2 Sprints*(Nationals East)

 *2nd Sprint Race on Saturday is the Nationals East Championship race AND also counts as a double points regional race for drivers racing in the North, South, and Midwest Chapters. The 1st Sprint race on Saturday is single points regional race for the same chapters.

The best 10 finishes will determine MidWest Chapter Championship.

   Chapter Director is  Brian Weathered of Midwest Eurosport